We support the values for below dynamic parameters for Facebook Ads.

  • {{campaign.name}}
  • {{campaign.id}}
  • {{adset.name}}
  • {{adset.id}}
  • {{ad.name}}
  • {{ad.id}}
  • {{placement}}
  • {{site_source_name}}

Using dynamic parameters there are few things to pay attention to:

1. Name Based Parameters {{campaign.name}}, {{adset.name}}, {{ad.name}}

For name-based URL parameters the values are set to the names provided for your campaign, ad set or ad when they are first published. Please note that, if you change the names of your campaigns, adsets or ads, the parameters won't change and will always refer to the original names.

2. {{site_source_name}}

Values for {{site_source_name}} will appear as abbreviations for the actual sources. Here's a lookup table

3. {{placement}}

Placement values are determined based on the publisher platform, platform_position and impression device values.

Unfortunately, there is no documentation for how {{placement}} works and Facebook support team couldn't help us either.

Below is the lookup table that we created based on our tests. Yellow highlighted ones are the ones that didn't make sense to us!

Lastly if you are not already utilising the dynamic UTM parameters. Here's a recommended UTM template for Facebook Ads:

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